Bless you, dear people. After one week replete with new impressions in and around the slums in São Paulo, Brazil.

Today is Sunday and we are having a great restful day, with each other for one another, and we are getting to know and experience each other better. Evaluation is a strong point in our being together. We learn to deal with each other’s feelings and that is a good thing for body, soul and spirit.

For me this Mission is an answer to prayer. What I find special is the people with whom I am given an opportunity to work in unison in order to shine God’s light in Brazil. I see God’s favor being expressed more and more. We are a blessed team. We are receiving whereas we came to give.

Praise the Lord!

Johan calls upon all our brothers and sisters today and tomorrow to pray for us. We are in a shantytown full of violence, drugs, adultery, alcoholism, prostitution, crime, child abuse and darkness. On the outside it all seems okay, but the ruler of darkness has his claws in this area. Do not be deceived! We are going to reclaim it for the Kingdom of God.

We will retrieve people from the darkness and that will not be a piece of cake. We entreat all our brothers and sisters to rise today and tomorrow to pray for us for direction and protection, and for a mega harvest of souls for the Kingdom of God!! Thank you so much for your support and love and prayers. We love you all! 🙏❤🔥

Today we visited the rehab center in Adriano. What a special place it is, and how the sight of beautiful people like Adriano makes me happy, i.e. people who rise to offer this group of people a chance. A chance for recovery. A chance to deal with their addiction. But even more so, a chance to get to know Jesus’ love and to know that He will not forsake them. My prayer is therefore that when these people go back to where they came from, they will tell their family and friends about Jesus’ unconditional love.

Some of our group have shared their testimony, we were privileged to be able to pray for the men, we saw beautiful things happen and we enjoyed their hospitality.