Johan Toet

How the life of Johan began

Johan Toet was born in 1971 in the Schilderswijk in the Hague, where a criminal life was the order of the day for him and his family. After a long-standing criminal career, through which he had multiple encounters with the Department of Justice, the curtain fell for him in 2002. He was sentenced, both domestically and abroad, to a total of fifteen unconditional years of prison for drug trafficking.

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The life of Johan in Portugal

In 2005, Johan in a Portuguese prison cell, where he was detained since 2002, had a supernatural encounter with God. This set him on fire for the Gospel and led to his whole family coming to Jesus. After ten years of detention he got out in 2011. Since then he shares the Gospel of God’s unconditional love where possible.

In 2014 Johan graduated Charis Bible College Netherlands after a two-year full time program and served there for two years together with his wife Brenda as head of Missions and Outreach, to be formed for ministry. At the beginning of 2016 God called Johan and Brenda into full-time ministry and sent them out. In that same year he together with Brenda founded the ‘One in Him Foundation’. The foundation has its own mission house in Brazil where they organize multiple mission trips to. During those trips they visit rehabilitation clinics, homeless, slums, orphanages and churches where the participants are used to discover the gift that God has given to them. God moves mightily during these trips with signs and wonders. But his greatest passion as evangelist is the winning of souls and he also does that through the many open-air campaigns worldwide.

The mission work now

Both Johan and Brenda believe in the discipling of fellow believers so that they can make the difference with each other in the world. Aside from the mission trips, Johan who is called as an evangelist, has a clear vision for the spreading of the Gospel and this is: ‘To win as many people as possible for the Kingdom of God in the shortest amount of time possible.’

He does this, among other things, by holding open-air campaigns in the poorest slums worldwide. Next to this many food packages are always provided. His motto is; ‘Not just saying but also doing.’ James 2:15-16. In this way he gives hands and feet to God’s love with his wife Brenda in Word and in deed. The Lord always confirms His Word during these campaigns with many signs and wonders.

Johan also gives free online Bible studies together with Brenda and Johan speaks in churches and congregations and on diverse events worldwide. His story has been in the media worldwide multiple times and has reached tens of thousands of people with the good news that God is capable of completely transforming each and everyone’s life. As a result of his public interviews, lectures and open-air campaigns tens of thousands of people have already come to Jesus. Johan wrote his autobiography ‘Good Enough’ in 2018 which has been read by tens of thousands worldwide by now. He is married to Brenda and they have four children and five grandchildren. Together they have laid their life on the altar for the sake of the Gospel and are fully dependent on gifts and partners.

Johan Toet