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Good Enough describes the life of Johan Toet and how he found God through a supernatural encounter in his cell. Johan travels the world with his wife Brenda to preach the Gospel of God’s Kingdom. Johan: ‘I came to faith in prison in 2005 and after ten years of detention I was released to serve God. I wrote down my intense life story with the aim of telling others about God’s love and grace.’

From the first chapter you are immediately taken into a compelling story that has changed people’s lives and continues to change. For example, the foundation regularly hears testimonies of how people have come to faith both in prison and outside of it through the book. A book you should definitely read!


“Good Enough tells the incredible story of Johan Toet, a “hopeless case” you might say, but his story shows that there are no hopeless cases for God. God made everything new. Be surprised and inspired by reading this book or by giving it away to someone who thinks there is no hope for him anymore. Because what God did for Johan, He will also do for you! Highly recommended!”

  Jaap Dieleman

Stichting Heilbode

“Good Enough is a must read! This book not only tells about the bizarre old life of Johan and Brenda and their beautiful conversion story and testimony. The book is also about you. If God can use Johan and Brenda like that after their conversion, he can use you too. Be inspired by this great book!”

 Tom de Wal

Frontrunners Ministries