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About the study guide

As a result of the book ‘Living in the fullness’, Johan Toet has also written a study guide called ‘One Basics’. The guide contains thirty-five practical lessons with questions. The study is designed in such a way that everyone who has followed this study can also give this study. Everywhere in the Netherlands there are study groups in a home setting that are given in collaboration with the foundation or individually.

Johan: ‘God calls us not only to ‘go’ ourselves, but also to make disciples of Jesus so that they can do ‘exactly the same works’ that Jesus did. I wrote the study guide so that the disciple can go out and re-disciple himself so that the Kingdom of God may thus multiply with speed.”

The foundation testifies that there are people who have followed the study and who have come to faith, people are baptized and baptized with the Holy Spirit. Many have since been healed and liberated thanks to the study. And they are now walking themselves in the supernatural life that God has for us. Everyone who has followed the study invariably says that their lives have been changed by the knowledge they have been able to gain. Do you also want more foundation in the Word and would you like to follow the study together with others? Order your free copy today!

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