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5 februari, 2021

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February 20 2020 – Richard Ina Kappers-Wemmers

This morning, after meditation and breakfast, we took to the road again with our bus with 200 ham and cheese sandwiches. And coffee.

Traffic was very busy, many people are relocating for carnival. We are happy with a good chauffeur like Hennie, who maneuvers us safely through the hustle and bustle and along the bumpy streets.

Cars are flying past left and right of us, not to mention the honking motorcyclists, who seem to show up from everywhere. We had a destination in mind, but God had other plans.

The congestion made it very hard to find the location and we drove through a street lined with a group of men. These people have been on the road for days because they expected to find a job here, or at least heard they were hiring. They had spent their last dimes on this. And then there is no job. No more money for the trip back home, no place to sleep. And then …

Then suddenly a bus full of people pulls up in your street, who bring Jesus in Word and deed. First there is a sandwich and a drink. Then the Word of God. Our team had hardly left the bus when a long line of people queued up behind the bus. Two by two they came. They came and were fed: 200 sandwiches gone in a second. One gentleman told that there was so much turmoil in the street. It was not safe. And the moment the love of our God was shared … boom … no more turmoil, changing faces. I was so touched. We had an opportunity to pray for many. We had a plan but God wanted us here. 

Johan and Brenda are coming here again next week, and again and again … Because God is leading them here. Then we had lunch and spent some time together.

We had a service in the evening where Hennie shared a great word from the book of Numbers, where Moses sends the spies forth to explore the land of Canaan. Ten only saw the mountains and the giants. Two stood on God’s promise. How do you deal with mountains in your life? Are you gripped with fear, do you walk away, or do you give them to God? Trusting that no mountain is too high for Him, that He is the One Who will gain the victory. Always. You can take Him at His Word. Again prayed for people.

I’ve experienced that God uses each and every one of us. That you can speak words of encouragement that do not miss their mark. Not out of us. Everything is of Him. Roupen and Johan gave their testimony in another church and there too our God was at work. And then mighty things happen.

God is good!!! How great that it is possible to share His love together with One In Him Foundation.

Wishing you a blessed day!


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