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Johan and Brenda regularly write a Blog of their own. Below are their their latest posts.

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Brasil 2020

This year we have seen so many doors open up to us during the mission trips to São Paulo, Brasil. We are encouraged to see that God is giving us an ever increasing working range. New slums and clinics are opening up to us where we are allowed to preach grace. Despite corona restrictions, several teams bore fruit for the Kingdom. For God is the same, yesterday, today and for ever!

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Brasil 2019

We had such a great time this year. We have done so many beautiful works for the Lord, motivated by His love for people. Besides all the mission trips, we have done a number of great crusades. We feel blessed!

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Brasil 2018

This was another year of great testimonies. During several mission trips to São Paulo, Brasil, we saw people delivered, saved and healed by the love and grace of our Lord Jesus. Everywhere we came we could be God’s hands and feet and thus proclaim His love to the world. All glory and honor to the Lord!

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Brasil 2017

In 2017 we organised several mission trips in São Paulo, Brasil. Many lives were touched by God’s love and God confirmed His Word wherever we came. What a blessing this year was and what an impact for the Kingdom of God!

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As a foundation, we experience great things on our mission trips to Brasil.

We write blogs so people can share in those experiences. We see so many fantastic things happening again and again on our trips that we are convinced that every believer should go on a mission trip at least once in a a lifetime. When asked what their trip has done for them almost invariably people answer: ‘Transforming. Life changing.’

Perhaps you have never been on a mission trip where God has used you to be a blessing to others, where you see people get healed or set free through your hands. Or where you had the privilege of leading others to Jesus through your testimony. In that case we would strongly suggest that you join us on an adventure beyond compare.