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Welcome to the One in Him Foundation. We experience the fiery call of God to reach as many people as possible with the good news of the Gospel in as short a time as possible and to serve and share in the need of others.

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Who we are

Johan en Brenda Toet founded the One in Him Foundation in 2016. They were called by the Lord to go forward and to completely dedicate their lives to the Gospel. Before God grabbed a hold of them, they lived completely in darkness. They were lost in a world of drugs and crime. They were detained for years, but these days they travel around the world together to witness in the darkness about the living God. The foundation is committed to making disciples of Jesus and it does this, among others, with mission trips out of their own project in Brazil. People are equipped to walk out a life in the fullness of God here. Aside from that, yearly open-air campaigns are held in slums worldwide among others, to reach people with the Gospel.

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Why become a partner with One In Him

Help us to reach as many people for king Jesus as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. We do this, among others, through Bible studies, mission trips, lectures domestically and abroad, evangelization campaigns, (online) education, the publishing of books and the handing out of food packages. Become a partner today and take part in our ministry.

Andrew Wommack Charis bible College

I praise God for the miracle He has done in Johan and Brenda’s life. I know them personally, have read his book, and have had them minister with me several times. Everyone loves them and the Lord is using them in big ways. It’s a privilege to recommend them and their ministry.

Andrew Wommack

Founder Andrew Wommack Ministries

Our free books

Good enough 3D

Good Enough

Good Enough describes the life of Johan Toet and how he, through a supernatural encounter in his prison cell, found God.

3D Living in the fullness l webshop

Living in the fullness

Johan Toet wrote the book ‘Living in the fullness’ to take believers with him in the truth of the full Gospel.

3D True Prosperity l Webshop

True Prosperity

When you have the desire to make a serious difference in the world without any lack for God’s Kingdom…