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5 februari, 2021

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Blog February 16 2020 – Jaël van Dijk

The suitcase falls open and little hands greedily grope for the bubbles and horns, which five seconds ago were still in there. Toy fever. Chaos. In the distance wooden planks and makeshift roofs, which we call housing for the children. Shantytown. Chaos.

Clothing, toys, sandwiches, cookies, lemonade, makeup, music, ourselves. Many happy faces, a lot of gratitude, but also lots of emptiness. Despite the filled bellies and full arms. Inner chaos.

Jesus creates order in our chaos. He turns dry places into oases. He is the change in our inner and outer chaos. Where do we find Him? In you and me, when we bear witness of Who He is. Yesterday we had the privilege of doling Him out, in full suitcases and loving attention. ‘Jesus te ama’ is the little Portuguese I speak but, believe it or not, that is the very thing these people need to hear.

I see a mountain, you see a miracle

I see a wasteland, you see a garden

I see dry bones, you see an army

I see impossible, you see everything

(Lyrics from You See by Jonathan David Helser).


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